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Wednesday, November 11, 2009


For real, guys. This is my real 600th post. Yay!

This morning I was sitting around in my pajamas, drinking coffee and thinking I didn't have anything scheduled for today other than the fellows' luncheon at noon, when I realized that as today was November 11, I had a presentation to give in the freshman seminar I sit in on, directly following the luncheon. A presentation that hadn't even crossed my mind since I'd written some notes and a tentative outline a week ago. A presentation that was supposed to be 30-45 minutes long!

I moaned a couple of oh noes,* dashed for the shower, and there calmed myself with the reassurances that it was really more of a facilitation of discussion than a lecture, that it was over material I knew well, and that I could just grab a couple of slides from PowerPoints I'd already presented.

Anyway, it ended up being fine, and I had a really interesting discussion with the freshmen about what it means to be a human and an individual, about science and our understanding of life, and even about some art. I'm still not sure how intelligible or coherent I was, but, yeah, the students had some great comments, and the two professors and my fellow sitting-in grad student told me it had gone well.

The moral of that story is that I really need to make sure I write everything on my Google calendar. That way, even if I forget about it, David will see it and remind me.

*I always remind myself of this weatherman when I do that (see 0:46', in particular--and don't see it at all if you're particularly profanity-averse!).


Curly Sue said...

Oh, I still have nightmares like that. Terrifying.

mandy said...

that video was hilarious! and, of course, it was from florida! love it!

and way to go with the pulling-off-a-class-last-minute routine. hate it when stuff like that happens.

CëRïSë said...

It was just like a nightmare! Precisely!

And Mandy, I love it so much that I generally have to watch it at least three times. I also frequently find myself saying, "ohhhh nooooo," and "this is what just happened!"