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Thursday, September 03, 2009

Southern California Pictures

So David and I are in Alamogordo, New Mexico, after leaving Albuquerque this morning and hitting the Petroglyph National Monument; White Sands Missile Range, Missile Park, and Museum; and White Sands National Park, with stops along the way in Socorro and Truth or Consequences (plus one creepy police-state-type border-control check point just outside WSMR preceded by a bank of surveillance equipment).

We haven't uploaded (or, for that matter, even looked at) photos from today and yesterday (which featured the Grand Canyon!), but we do have a few from last Saturday in the desert. David managed to pare the album down to 175 favorites from the three cameras in action--first Becca's, then his, then Erin's. They feature our sound bath at the Integratron, visit to Giant Rock, and then the sunset and fun with long exposures at Keys View in Joshua Tree. Check them out!

Many more pictures and stories await, including the Oregon Caves, northern California, Loma Linda, and the Grand Canyon. Tomorrow, we visit Carlsbad Caverns!


mandy said...

oh! so much fun! i'm so sad i missed it!!

Curly Sue said...

Good lord, girl! I've never heard of such a summer.

The International Chef of Mystery said...

Having nothing to do with this particular post, my comment is regarding food! I've been searching your blog for a recipe you used last summer to make pita bread, and I can't find your link to it. Do you still have the recipe? My pita came out without pockets last week, and I'm curious how you did it.

CëRïSë said...

Hey Charissa, sorry it's taken me so long to get to this! It doesn't help that my search bar doesn't seem to be working--or that, when I did find the entry in which I mentioned pita, I didn't actually link to the recipe! Anyway, here it is:"

I made them again a couple of weeks ago, using all whole wheat flour, and they turned out somewhat chewy but still delicious.