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Wednesday, September 16, 2009


This is the first and only text message my mom has ever sent me, a missive so elegantly simple and direct that it could not be ignored:

So, here I am, trying to blog. The sheer volume of the things I could write about the past few weeks--not to mention the photos I could post--would be daunting enough, even without school and my shiny new fellowship starting; unpacking and reclaiming my apartment after the summer; finishing the online course design project I was working on this summer; and getting the website for Abraham up and running (it's still sort of in beta--the Paypal for the CD is still under my account, for example--and there's much more coming, but feel free to check it out!).

The brief version of everything is that David and I left Walla Walla on August 23 (after helping to throw what I think was a pretty fabulous surprise birthday party for Hathor) and drove back to Minneapolis--via southern California and the Southwest National Parks. I started school on Tuesday the 8th, and we left again on Thursday, hitting eastern Indiana on our way to Chicago for my birthday present from David--tickets to U2's first show of the U.S. leg of their 360° Tour! We were back in time for school on Monday.

I'll try to add a few details, and photos, to that skeletal report, but now you're more or less caught up.

I'll leave you with a photo of my awesome office, which David's camera phone doesn't do justice, although it does show my two big mostly south-facing windows. What it doesn't show is my big closet and sink, complete with medicine cabinet and used razor depository (!). I'm in a fabulous old (1936) brick building that used to be a dorm (apparently a few of the offices even have bathtubs!) as well as an educational center. I'm hoping that some of the venerable learning that must undoubtedly have seeped into the walls goes ahead and seeps into my brain. In any case, I'll try to post more pictures.

But now I'm going to bed, because, did I mention? I'm also training for a marathon.


Nothing said...

Nice office! I just got a new monitor myself for my office. That's really the most exciting thing I can say about this coming school year.

strovska said...

i love those windows. and an office with a bathtub! you should definitely get yourself on a waiting list for one of those.

Curly Sue said...

BNB worked in a former boys' dorm last year and the best I can say is that it had closets. The worst was that it still smelled like teenage boys. Ick.

All the bathrooms had trough-style urinals. Ha!

But I love your windows. Beautiful.

Ern said...

*jealous* of your office!