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Saturday, June 20, 2009


People. Last post was not my six hundredth; it was my five hundred sixtieth (I misread the second digit on my Blogger dashboard!). I apologize for this, and hope that we can celebrate my real six hundredth post when it actually rolls around (though I do appreciate even the premature congratulations).

Anyway, now that I have that out of the way, here's the real news: Monday, David turns 30, and to celebrate, we're jumping out of a plane! Our skydiving appointment is at 1:00 tomorrow, but it will probably take a few hours (we don't know how many) before we're actually jumping.

My mom says that means she gets to worry all afternoon. The only thing that worries me is that the weather won't cooperate and we won't be able to jump, although all the comments about making sure we have our wills in order do add to the drama.

We're actually en route from Hermiston to Portland at the moment; tonight we're planning to go to this shindig, which I discovered thanks to this guy's link--I went to high school with Grey Anne. I'm also wearing my 11-year old glasses (I don't think you can tell in the picture how massively scratched the lenses are [or, for that matter, how underpowered they are], but I think you may be able to see how bent they are, and the charming little replacement screw sticking up at my right temple) because today I'm seeing an optometrist.* I seem to have scratched one of my contact lenses, and although it's wearable, it's not very comfortable. Plus, since I haven't seen an optometrist in more than three years,** it's also time to update my prescription.

This time around, I plan to actually replace these glasses. After years and years of putting it off, when $30 frames somehow morphed into $300 glasses (not at all worth it when I wear them maybe 20 minutes a day, anyway), I am very excited to buy glasses online. David pointed me to this blog, which in turn directed me to this site, and I can't wait to explore the whole scene. I will doubtless, dear readers, post all about it... assuming I survive jumping out of a plane tomorrow! Woo-hoo!

*You have to leave your contacts out for 24-48 hours before the appointment so that your eyeballs can resume their normal shape, or something like that.

** The photo on this page is documentation of the last time I had to leave my contacts out in advance of an appointment (oddly enough, at the very same Mall 205 America's Best as I'm hitting this afternoon).


Carissa J said...

Are you going to have a video taken of the jump? I hope so. :)

The Churches said...

Wow! Out of an airplane... You are one brave girl! Have FUN!

PS. I've never heard that about having your contacts out for any amount of time before seeing the Opt. Hmmm... Maybe I've been missin' out.

Curly Sue said...

That sounds great. Take pictures!!!!

I think you look pretty cute in glasses, btw. If you got some really cool frames, you'd look really, really cute.

strovska said...

ooh, how exciting! when my sister jumped out of a plane we colluded to keep my mother from finding out about it until afterward (to avoid comments about getting wills in order, etc.).

CëRïSë said...

Carissa: Yes! It should arrive in a few weeks.

Adrianna: It might be different if you wear soft lenses... I'm guessing so.

Leah: Thank you! I generally dislike wearing glasses, but the idea of new ones is exciting...

Rachel: Good plan! I, on the other hand, couldn't help telling pretty much everyone I knew.