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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Things That Are Awesome VI

Things That Are Awesome VI (Current Events Edition)

It's possible you've seen all these before. But if you haven't, behold!

On swine flu:

On Obama's first 100 days (click for full article):

And, finally, on birds and science and dancing (read story here; see video here):


Ern said...

My birds used to dance, but they had no rhythm and couldn't keep the beat.

David said...

I think I enjoy that pig kissing baby picture more every time I see it.

CëRïSë said...

Here's a longer video of Snowball. I love it! Even if you can't take four minutes of the Backstreet Boys, watch the last few seconds of the video if you can--it's priceless!

And, yeah, that baby kissing (licking!) pig picture does just get better--thanks, Erin, for being the first one to bring it to my attention!

Larissa said...

I think EVERY one of your awesome things are totally awesome.