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Monday, March 09, 2009

Dr. Horrible

I realize I'm behind the times on this one, but Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog is completely awesome. My only disappointment (and I'll admit it's fairly major) is that it's only 43 minutes long. I was hoping that Hulu's label of "Season 1, Episode 1" meant that there was more to come. Such is not the case, however, which is too bad, because it's brilliant.

I had heard about Dr. Horrible on NPR, but hadn't seen it until I noticed it on Hulu today. You can watch it there or at the Dr. Horrible website. Just pretend it's a short movie in three parts, rather than an on-going series (as I wish it were).

"I have a PhD in horribleness!"


I Hope So said...

hahaha! oh my. rick made me watch this over the summer. maybe i should watch it again. my nerdiness has grown since then, so perhaps i will appreciate it more ;-)

Nothing said...

I met Dr. Horrible's love interest (the actor...can't remember her name) at Penny Arcade Expo. She was very nice and humble, and told me it was a real joy to work with Joss Wheadon and whats-his-face.

Pete Sleeper said...

Yeah, I heard the Joss interview on NPR and went to the website. Funny stuff!