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Saturday, November 08, 2008

Halloween (finally)

So this weekend has been relatively quiet, although I did enjoy some delicious Indian food tonight with a friend who's leaving later in the week for two weeks in Peru.

Date Two in the saga that has sparked commenter interest in my neuroses isn't scheduled until Tuesday, so mostly I've been trying to grade Museum Projects and thinking about how I don't much feel like running in the snow without ridiculously expensive tights (and possibly not even then, although I'm sure they'd at least be inspiring for a while).

Last weekend, however, I set a personal record: three parties in a single night! I carpooled to the first two with friends, and the third was at my neighbor's apartment, in my own building. When I knocked on the door at about 1:00, it opened to a roomful of seated, mostly non-costumed people, staring at me in my ridiculous flapper costume. It was also one of my more dramatic entrances in recent memory.

Here are a few pictures, which you've already seen if we're friends on FaceBook:

My costume, with handmade headband:

Trying the Charleston; note the fishnets!

With Medusa:

With my doppelganger:

Finally, the Palins:


Ellen said...

I went as my adviser, which meant that I dressed up in what I usually wear.


Curly Sue said...

Heh heh. I love the headband. And how did your dress stay up? Is it glued? I refer especially to picture number 1.

One year a group of my friends and I went as Canada. We won the "most creative" costume prize. (We each made a sandwich-board type cutout of one Canadian province, complete with major cities and the trans-Canada highway. Then we stood in a row, with the Northern Territories on chairs behind us.)


CëRïSë said...

Ellen, was he there?

And Leah, thanks. I used some of that fashion tape to help keep the dress up; that first picture is at the end of the evening, and it's starting to sag! Your Canada costume sounds awesome.

Larissa said...

You looked so cute!

CëRïSë said...

Larissa, thanks! I hope you're back to blogging soon...