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Friday, November 07, 2008


So yesterday, although my lame mini-blog hardly alluded to as much, was a rather strange day.

It started with me waking up at 8:00 a.m., terrified I'd overslept; realizing that my alarm wouldn't go off for another half an hour and going back to sleep; and then waking up at 9:21, having actually overslept significantly (as class starts at 9:45, and I'm a 15 minute bike ride away).

It ended with Angela and me touring the Minneapolis Institute of Arts, eating at the Bad Waitress,* and then having a ridiculous chocolate chimichanga at Little Tijuana on the way home after strolling around the neighborhood.

Before that, I had been cleaning my house when I noticed that the light in my middle room/office was really bright. It looked as though someone had replaced the regular bulb with an extra-bright fluorescent bulb. I wondered briefly if I were going crazy, actually, or if someone were trying to make me think so. After a couple of hours, the light burned out. When I went to replace it, the glass bulb pulled right out its metal sleeve, leaving the latter still threaded into the fixture. I had apparently put a 100 watt bulb into a fixture designated for 60 watt bulbs only, and probably only very narrowly avoided something terrible. The problem is that the light from the 60 watt bulb I installed yesterday is positively crepuscular. Every time I turn it on, I think of that scene from Amelie where she switches the bulbs in the grocer's apartment. I need to buy bulbs with higher lumens, apparently.

The strangest part of my day, though, was in the middle. On Wednesday, I'd received an e-mail from a guy I'd met briefly at a party on Tuesday, asking me to lunch. (That alone was strange: I hadn't been asked on a proper date in a long time, and it had been something like eight years since a relative stranger had looked me up to ask me out.) He had sent the e-mail Tuesday night, but with all the festivities, I hadn't received it until Wednesday afternoon. Anyway, to make a long story short, I thought he had wanted to meet next Thursday, and came very close to accidentally standing him up completely, but ended up texting to confirm and keeping the date after all, just a bit late (and still unshowered, with my hair under a scarf, and following a full roundtrip bike ride from school to home--in the rain).

Anyway, he likes me and wants to go out again. I'm not sure how I feel about that--but I'm also not sure this blog is the correct venue for those sorts of neuroses. However, I am proud of myself for accepting and then actually attending the date, though I'm also vividly reminded of why I have historically avoided this sort of thing.

*I realized that I have taken every single person who has come to visit me to the Bad Waitress. I think it's because it's so close to my apartment, is open until midnight, serves breakfast all day, and has an awesome name. Angela and I were going to eat Greek food, but we were at the museum until closing at 9--which is when Christo's closes, too.


I Hope So said...

um, your blog is the PERFECT place for this kind of neurosis!! i say date him at least for the month of november just so you have nablopomo material!! :)

K L said...

I am curious, why were you vividly reminded of why you dislike dates and why do you? Concurrence, i hope so: this blog is a smashing place for juicy relational tidbits.

Curly Sue said...

Totally agree with previous two comments: this is definitely the place for dating-related neuroses.

Everyone who reads your blog has been there, so 'fess up!

Angela said...

Yes, please. I look forward to hearing more of this date.