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Monday, October 20, 2008


Here are a few pictures of this evening's fall colors, as well as a new soup I tried (creamy red lentils with a caramelized onion and cumin seed garnish):

And, for old times, another self-portrait in my dirty rear-view mirror:


Heather said...

That soup recipe sounds delicious—and perfect for getting me to eat the red lentils in my cupboard. I shall have to try it. Did you use actual ginger root? The trees are gorgeous; ours are turning also and the drive to and from work is beautiful but depressing (because it's practically dark in the morning and threatening sunset by the drive home too).

I Hope So said...

i wish i could experience autumn.


strovska said...

that soup looks so good.

i hope so, i also wish i could experience a real autumn. it's sad not to.

Nothing said...

I love the colors of fall. Looks like you've got a lot more contrast as far as that is concerned in your area. Over here mostly everything just tends to turn brown.

Leah said...

I miss autumn so much this year. Those are beautiful pictures.

CëRïSë said...

Heather, yes, real ginger is a must--and super easy! You can store peeled chunks of it in your freezer basically indefinitely, and just grate it up when you need some. I put it in just about anything that I want to have a nice warming spiciness.

And thanks for the compliments on the pictures! It speaks to the beauty of the colors that just camera phone pix show them off.

Anonymous said...

i want your recipe for the red lentil soup, looks tastey...can you facebook it to me? also whats your address there? = DB

Anonymous said...

JK found the recipe. i'm a little slow sometimes :-) still need the address though ha ha...DB