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Saturday, November 03, 2007


Last night, as I loaded five pounds of potatoes, a bag of salad, and a dozen eggs into my backpack on top of textbooks and student papers for my ride home, I thought, "Wow, I'd better not have some crazy accident. That would be a serious mess."

When I got out to my bike, this one was parked beside me. Its license apparently expired on Bryant's first birthday.

Here are a few more pictures of yesterday. It has stayed sunny, which is wonderful, although I still can't really trust it after all that rain. It's also been warmer than is usual for this time of year, but is still definitely hat-and-glove-weather.


I Hope So said...

oh what a cute photo of you in the little reflector mirror thingy. i love it.

Cerise said...

Thank you! I guess we tend to prefer pictures of ourselves in mirrors because we're a little asymmetrical. I am.

Ellen said...

Is that an asymmetrical comment, Ceri? You are.

Cerise said...

Ellen, I'm trying to understand your comment, but I think I must just not be smart enough.