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Wednesday, August 20, 2008


The last weekend I was in California, I met up with Miss Mandy, who gave me her "old" camera.
This is the first picture I took, when she loaned me the battery from her new camera.

When I got home, I ordered a battery and charger, and took pictures of, among other things,

The camera:

My plant:

And my bike with its new tires:

I even shot a video of a thunderstorm:

But then, alas, my battery died--and it turned out the charger was defective and wouldn't recharge it. I sent it back, but haven't yet received the replacement. Thus, my pictures from the weekend with Ellen were all shot on the phone instead of the cute new camera.

Still, they capture a few highlights of the good times, which included lots of biking (on the Greenway; around the lakes; and along and across the river), lots of walking (trying to get to Ikea from the Mall of America light rail station; downtown; and along the riverfront), and lots of eating (Pancho Villa, Dunn Bros, Nala Pak, Ikea cafe, Spoon River, the Bad Waitress):

Oh, and Ellen got her hair cut! I'm going back there tonight to have mine done. I am tired of pretending I'm growing it out. I want it SHORT! I think Jim will deliver. Maybe I'll get my charger back so that I can take a picture.


Curly Sue said...

Great photos, Ceri. And, Ellen, if you're reading this, I love the hair. It looks great.

strovska said...

yes, very cute haircut.

Larissa said...

Aww, I like your hair longer Ceri! Oh well, you look great both ways. Man, I want to see rain like that again....

I Hope So said...

you totally rock the short hair.