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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Day one

Well, the first day of the cleanse went well! I had oatmeal with raisins and soy milk for breakfast, along with a big handful of almonds. I had vegetable soup for lunch and later a snack of olives and almonds. For dinner, we had taco soup (with soy burger), corn chips, and watermelon.

The vegetable soup was canned, and the ingredients listed sugar near the end of the "less than 2% of the following" range. Obviously I'll be avoiding foods where sugar or corn syrup is a main ingredient, but it's kind of irritating how many processed foods those sweeteners are slipped into. I suppose that's a good reason not to eat processed foods! I was hungry, though, and we hadn't gone shopping. We did go tonight, and got all sorts of lovely produce and legumes. In addition to the taco soup, tonight Mom cooked skillet fiesta tacos and garbanzo brown rice soup.

So far, I am not feeling particularly energetic and wonderful; in fact, since I've been working out with my mom in the mornings (at 5! a.m.! every morning!), I've been finding it hard to make it through the day without a little nap, and today was no exception. The good news on that front is that I think I'm finally starting to not be as sore and may actually be building some muscle (my eternal quest). If these things could just help me work up some enthusiasm, stamina, and focus for my reading list, I'd be set.

Finally, because I'm a little bit obsessed with the coyote and because he came by to visit again this afternoon, here are some more pictures. Find the coyote!


Carissa J said...

I just learned that my parents have been eating only raw foods for an entire week. Another way to cleanse, I'd say. I like the idea, but not all the work to make it happen. . .

Ellen said...

I went a whole day without coffee.

Daniel said...

I only drank two cups of coffee this morning, instead of my normal four.

CëRïSë said...

Carissa, wow, raw foods: that's intense. I've looked into that and just don't think I could pull it off.

And Ellen and Daniel, I think those are definitely good starts and are much harder to do than some might imagine.