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Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Have you read about Dooce's cleanse? Taking her cue from Oprah and the book that inspired her, she is going off of caffeine, sugar, alcohol, gluten, and animal products for 21 days. I was inspired, too, and so, apparently, was my mom--or at least she agreed to join me!

I already consider myself a quasi-vegan (which is silly, of course, since being vegan is one of those things that's about going all the way), and I've cut way back on caffeine recently, but I think that giving up gluten will be the hardest part. Still, it should be exciting, and definitely make me conscious about what I'm eating, which seems to be the main goal (in addition, naturally, to feeling completely awesome!).

We're going to start tomorrow. Anybody else in?

Unrelatedly, here are a few pictures of San Jacinto, at sunrise and sunset; click for the larger versions.


april said...

ok, i keep running the scenarios in my head, and i think all that diet would leave me is carrot sticks! what exactly DOES one eat on such a diet?

Curly Sue said...

Wow. Well, it always impresses me when people can go whole-hot like that. A cleanse is probably a good idea, but what happens when you resume the occasional cookie, the occasional bite of raita at an Indian restaurant? Does your body just rebel against you, after being so clean for so long?

Carissa J said...

I love your photo collages. How do you do that?

njmyers said...

Hi April. We're going to eat Fiesta Rice Skillet, lentils and baked potatoes, taco soup (with tofu burger), humus and crudite, stir fry with tofu, rice/flax spaghetti from Trader Joes, millet or barley tabouli, etc.

c said...

As I sit here sipping my morning caramel latte (let's see, sugar, caffeine, milk (animal product)), I somehow don't think I'd be able to do it. But I admire you who can. Keep us updated!

strovska said...

good luck (in the original sense, not the sarcastic sense). i'm curious to see if you feel energetic. the few times i've tried something like that i've felt like falling over within the first 8 hours (which must be why i've never lasted more than 8 hours).

CëRïSë said...

Thanks for the good wishes, everyone; I'll definitely be keeping you posted!

Carissa, I stand on the table on my parents' patio and shoot a series of photos from left to right, then patch them together in my Photoshop knock-off program. I've played with cameras that do it automatically, which is cool, but I do kind of like the aesthetic of my patchwork panoramas.

I Hope So said...

oh ceri, how i look up to you. and laugh at the same time. me? go off gluten?


it's all i can do to limit my overall calorie consumption.

but best of luck to you!