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Thursday, November 01, 2007

"Your head's getting blurred..."

Sadly, my camera phone has been malfunctioning recently. The pictures I'd really have liked to have been able to share are the ones I snapped Monday night of Brian Jacques gesticulating wildly in front of a throng of enthralled kids; that was a good time. Even better was getting to catch up with my friend Stephanie over dinner afterward; she lives in Minnetonka, which is only about 10 miles from here, but it was only the second time we'd seen each other since I moved out a year ago. She's very cool, so I'm definitely looking forward to doing that again.

So there's a story without pictures; here are pictures (mostly) without stories.

October 22: The sun finally came out, but it was cold. Also: I was sad. Later, I saw expensive blackberries. When I lived in Auburn, blackberries were free.

October 23: More sunshine and fall colors. And remember that alley glass? It broke.

October 24: I went to a taping of MPR's In the Loop "Story Slam" at the Suburban World Theater.

October 27: I'm fascinated by morning light in my front room. The lens is smeary in the first picture, but I think it may actually convey a more accurate impression.


Ern said...

Lovely fall colors. I miss fall.

Your living room is awesome. (Yes, I say "awesome". I'm from Utah, I can't help it.)

Cerise said...

Aww, thanks! And I say "awesome," too... as well as the occasional "dude" and lots of "cool"s and, every once in a while, a "rad."

Kendra said...

grrr i hate the berry prices too! i actually had raspberries in my cart yesterday until i realized the price was just too outrageous and then they went back on the shelf. sigh.