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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

"Listen to reason/ Season is calling..."

Today I got a letter notifying me that as of December my rent is increasing $75 per month, to $600. The fact that gas (by which my house is heated--or, has not really been heated, but now certainly will be) will be included is small consolation.

As it is, I spend nearly half my salary on rent alone; the other half consistently evaporates toward little things like the rest of my utilities, textbooks, student fees, and the occasional gallon or two of gas. Oh, and food. How will I eat now, flaky landlord? You've just upped my rent by my grocery bill.


October, thou villain. I will not miss thee at all. Good riddance!


Carissa J said...

I hate how they can just do that. Bummer.

I Hope So said...

sucks. but that little quote at the bottom makes your financial burden sound so... literary.