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Thursday, October 25, 2007


So I was going to post about tonight's drama, but now that it has finally subsided, I'm just too tired. I'll save it for tomorrow and leave you with this image from the annals, a friend's picture of my birthday party last August:*
It shows a nice view of the deltoid that didn't get this afternoon's flu shot. The other one has all the fun.

*Three of us were celebrating our birthdays, but I guess I got to blow out the candles because it was my house.


I Hope So said...

you look glamorous, miss ceri. i love your short hair. and your deltoid. hehe. you're a nerd.

but a glamorous nerd.

Cerise said...

Ha! Once again, Mandy, you have made my day. "Glamorous nerd" pretty much sums up all my hopes and dreams.

David said...

Congrats on the flu shot. I just got mine this week as well. In fact as I write this I'm realizing that I still have the little round band-aid on it that they gave me two days ago when I got it.

Oh and a two month late "Happy Birthday!"