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Thursday, October 18, 2007

"'Hasn't stopped raining for days..."

Apparently it won't be official until tomorrow, but all the reports today indicate that sometime tonight we'll be breaking the record for the wettest August through October on record in the Twin Cities. And there are still nearly two weeks left in October!

The Star Tribune reported today that the current-standing August-October record is 18.63 inches, set in 1900, and that as of Wednesday morning, we were already at 18.06 inches. It has been raining all day and is supposed to rain until Saturday, at the earliest.

The one bright spot, according to the Strib, is that "If history repeats itself, the record rain this fall might be a harbinger of lighter-than-normal snowfall this winter. After the wet fall of 1900, the winter of 1900-01 produced only 41.5 inches of snow, which is below the historic average of nearly 55 inches annually." [1]

It is hard to get too excited about that--or anything, really--with the current oppressive wetness and grayness. I do like soup, but my goodness, am I ever ready to see a bit of blue sky.



I Hope So said...

i'd love to trade places with you. i miss the rain.

Carissa J said...

It has been all rain here, too. Although I haven't heard anything about breaking any records, I don't remember the last day it was sunny. I was in Starbucks on Wednesday afternoon, though, and the sun broke through for about thirty seconds. I closed my eyes and imaged the sun soaking into my skin. And then it was gone.

Curly Sue said...

The Strib?!

I love that.