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Saturday, September 01, 2007

Throwing off the perspective

For my birthday, Bryant gave me a memory card reader,* which meant that for the first time since the free one-month trial of Super Cell Plan that came with my new phone back in February, I could get pictures from my phone. Here's what I've got:

3.1.07: Views from the back and front porches and of my buried car.

3.30.07: Spanish tortilla. I served this at the party last night, cut into bite-sized cubes.

4.4.07: Last snow of the season... I think... and ice crystals on my front window.

4.6.07: Skillet fiesta tacos, with brown rice and fresh cilantro.

4.9.07: I love food.

4.18.07: Helicopter over campus during the bomb threat in the wake of the Virginia Tech tragedy.

5.8.07: Spring in Uptown.

6.3.07: High Infidelity at the Taste of Des Plaines during my summer job training near Chicago.

6.05.07: Fabulous vegan food at the Chicago Diner, with the cool kids.

7.3.07: The house across the street, being remodeled.

7.4.07: Fourth of July and fireworks from the Stone Arch Bridge.

7.8.07: Finally, the chair!

7.21.07: Romantica at the Fallout Art Fest, a cool neighborhood street fair/block party that pretty much surrounded my house, and people dancing to the music (including the little girl in the yellow shirt, eating watermelon).

7.28.07: One of my favorite 5-year olds of the summer, decorating my chalkboard with a muscle robot while I talked to his mom. He told me it was okay if I needed to erase the board for my next class, since I had taken a picture.

7.28.07: My neighbor, still working on his house.

8.28.07: The collapsed bridge, as seen from the Guthrie Theater.

I sadly didn't open any presents until after the party, or I might have shot some pictures during it. Friends did, though, so hopefully I'll be able to share some of them later. It was, in fact, a good time, despite the fact that none of my blog readership made it.

* ...and a pasta machine! Do you really need another excuse to come visit me?


some poems don't rhyme said...

ok, somehow i missed that the birthday party you were hosting at your place was for YOUR birthday as well as others...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! here's to your best year yet! oh, and horray for memory cards and posting pics!

bryant said...

The muscle robot is quite cool. It would look good on a snowboard.

Melinda said...

A pasta machine?????!!!! I am officially VERY jealous

Voth said...

Happy Birthday a bit late.

I will stop complaining about the heat as of now. I am not ready for snow again. My tires need replacing first, so it can't snow 'til after my Christmas bonus check.

Nice pics. Muscle robots are awesome.

Hathor said...

OK, sign me up. I'll bring my pesto recipe and we'll go nuts with pasta and pesto. Loved all the pictures (especially of all the food).

Carissa J said...

Hey, when was your birthday, anyway? My birthday was on the 1st.

Happy birthday to you and me.

I liked the sunset pictures.

Kendra said...

how do you know how to make spanish tortilla?? please leave me a comment letting me know... i'm oh so curious!!!!