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Monday, September 03, 2007

Back to school

Back-to-school shopping is distinctly less inspiring when you're spending your own money, and know your book bill will likely be in the hundreds. Still, this long weekend's purchases do make me feel a bit more enthused for tomorrow's return to campus.

Notebooks and pens: $7.18

Banana Republic denim skirt: $17.99 (originally $68.00)
Banana Republic cotton tank top: $4.99 (originally $18.00)

Banana Republic Premium Denim "skinny jeans": $19.99 (originally $128.00)

Airwalk Mary Janes: $19.99

American Eagle Mary Janes: $8.99 (50% off after I bought the pair above)

Starting my second year of classes in the state that hosts this fair: Priceless

The State Fair pictures were taken with the Spycam, which I unfortunately set to the low-res option--and then characteristically dropped several hours into the fair, resulting in the loss of all pictures up to that point. Those included pictures of us eating Australian battered potatoes, Scotch egg on a stick, strawberry rhubarb malted milkshake, deep-fried cheese curds, and honeybee ice cream,* as well as pictures of the amazing seed art, the rather disturbing Miracle of Birth Center, and Pretty Ricky, the state's largest boar. The photos here do include the pork chop on a stick, corndog on a stick, pickle on a stick, and (middle row, far left) the Vikings fan who amicably and drunkenly insisted, for at least five very loud minutes, that Ed looked just like Kevin Trudeau, of whom none of us had ever heard.

Although we were both here last summer, neither Ed (a Chicagoan) nor I had ever visited the fair, and we were fortunate to have Sara, a native who grew up on a dairy farm, as a tour guide. Mostly, she pointed us to her favorite fair foods and kept telling us that there was more to see. We never did get to all of it.

* Fear not: no bees were included.


some poems don't rhyme said...

ooh! i love those skinny jeans. i've been wanting those...

Cerise said...

I thought the price tag might be a typo, but it was for real--apparently because they're from last season. I asked the sales girl if the fashion industry knew something I didn't, and she said that, if anything, it was probably just that the skinny jean is going away (because, really, it's a hard look to rock--including for me!).

hathor said...

I like the jean skirt. I recently bought a jean jacket for the first time since high school. (Had to convince the spouse, actually.) I'm leaning toward a jean skirt now, too, after seeing yours.

Ellen said...

I understand about the skinny-legged jean. I found a pair in a thrift store which is probably any trend's death knell. I bought them anyway because they have pink stitching.

Anonymous said...

From Daddy...
Incidents and accidents: jeans for $110 dollars off--now that's what I call a discount. I got simply ethtatic for a minute over that one (cf. Hank Azaria character in America's Sweethearts)

Anonymous said...

weird. i just accidentally watched a 15-minute infomercial with kevin trudeau when my kitty fell asleep on my lap, and, unwilling to disturb her, i couldn't reach the remote. i'd never heard of him either.

nice skinny jeans! that IS a tough look if you ever eat.

april said...

that was me, btw. i don't know why it called my anonymous.

matt said...

I’m tired of American Eagle. Are you? Unite Here just launched a contest to counter-market against AE in conjunction with the Back-to-School Boycott. We’re looking for the best ads that mock American Eagle’s marketing and image. Need some inspiration? Check out one of AE’s web site Let’s get AE’s attention…more info about the contest at

Ellen said...

Looks like you made a new friend.