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Friday, June 22, 2007

Using my time

I chose the Caribou across the street from the mechanic rather than the Starbucks in the same little plaza, because it had at least the veneer of localness. I also knew that the coffee wouldn't be as good, but that the internet would be free.

It turns out that what is free is one hour of internet, complete with a little window that counts down my time and says "To continue service after this session, access codes are available from the cashier with a minimum purchase of $1.50 (including tax)." Do I have to spend $1.50 every time I need another hour of internet? It seems to me that even at that rate, I've already paid for four--which is on the optimistic end of the time it will take them to finish putting the muffler and brakes on my car next door.

I don't have the time--or volition, really--to spend those hours just surfing, as I have to get ready for a continuing training teleconference this afternoon, and to prep five brand new lessons for this weekend. Still. I feel like I should be able to distract myself as necessary, and for free.


Ted (er, Logan) said...

I'm currently visiting Washington, DC, and there Caribou stores on pretty much every corner. Within a one-block radius from my hotel (a half-mile from the nearest Metro stop), there are two Caribous and one Starbucks. Their website tells me they exist in Colorado as well (which appears to be the westernmost point on their range), but I don't frequent the Denver suburbs.

Cerise said...

Yes; it's not actually very local at all, is it? I checked their website just now, and they do say Minneapolis is home. I didn't realize they were in D.C., though--I guess that's impressive.