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Thursday, June 21, 2007

'Same old thing as yesterday...

This morning there was a loud bang at 6:18. I know it was 6:18 because I catapulted out of bed as if propelled, and immediately checked my cell phone (charging in the kitchen), terrified I'd overslept. I know it was loud because it managed to wake me.

My bedroom window faces north and is about five feet from the adjacent building, and, especially this time of year with the trees fully leafed out, it's crepuscular pretty much all the time, so I had no idea what time it was and whether I'd overslept. As it turned out, I hadn't. It also turned out I didn't have any power in my apartment.*

I showered in the dark, did my hair in the living room, and put on my make up on the porch. Then I went to the Bad Waitress for fruit, granola, caffeine, and power for my laptop. When I got back from teaching in Wayzata this evening,** the power was back. That's a good thing, because after today's middle schoolers and rush hour on the interstate, I'm not sure I could have handled any more pain.

*I'm not sure what caused the outage; I guess a transformer blew.
**They pronounce it "Why-zedda," which, accented, sounds more like "Way-zedda," but nothing like "Why-zah-ta." (Did you say it out loud just now? Did you?)


Dragonfly said...

I did say it out loud. I did!

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