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Thursday, June 14, 2007


Obviously I haven't been so good about blogging.

I'm still not, but I figured I could at least attempt to overcome the inertia of so many days without blogging at all. So here are some things I've been thinking about.

  • It's hot here. The highs have been around 90 all week. That's actually really quite pleasant outside, even with a bit of stickiness, but in my apartment it's miserable.
  • I finally bought a fan tonight.
  • So now it's approximately 15 degrees cooler in my bedroom, where I put the fan, than it is in my kitchen (where I'm blogging), due to my infernal gas stove, refrigerator, and laptop.
  • Today I finished my first week of teaching reading. I have 11 classes altogether: 3 level R (4 and 5-year olds), 1 Level 1 (entering first graders), 3 Level 4 (entering 4th and 5th graders), 3 Level 5 (entering 6-8th graders), and 1 Level 7 (adults).
  • So far, the adults are my favorite, followed by the little ones; the middle schoolers are without question my least favorite. They make me work for it. Maybe by the end of the five-week term I--or they--will have come around. In the meantime, they just exhaust me (which, of course, I can't actually show).
  • Tomorrow I have a haircut appointment. Finally!
  • Oh, I was in Chicago for eight days for training for this teaching gig. I met some really great people. At the end, I had a really terrible time at O'Hare and ended up taking a bus home (one week ago today). Maybe I'll talk about it someday... or maybe not.

  • I guess that's all for now.


    some poems don't rhyme said...

    tell the story. it will be therapeutic for you... ;-)

    Carissa J said...

    I think I heard about the teaching reading program you're doing. I wanted to do something like that, but there was too much traveling involved because most of the places were near or in MSP. It sounds like a good and growth-encouraging experience. Good luck with those middle schoolers.