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Thursday, May 24, 2007

At World's End

My dad and I saw Reign Over Me last week at the cheap theater; it was hardly in the regular theaters at all, and afterward my dad and I talked about what the critics had thought of it. Although I like to draw my own conclusions about a film, I do tend to care what critics think of them before I decide to buy a ticket. Dad asked me whether I saw--and enjoyed--films that weren't critically acclaimed. The answer: yes!

Tonight Bryant and I went to see the third Pirates movie. After the second, and my mom's report that the NPR review (with which I rarely disagree) had rather panned it, I wasn't expecting much--though I was still willing to pay my ten dollars to see it on opening night.

It was worth the money.

The film was thoroughly pretty, highly witty, and had an excellent score. Although it was a bit on the long side, only the battle scenes seemed to drag at times. Because, really, can you have too much of Johnny Depp swaggering and pontificating in eyeliner? I think not.

Overheard behind us during the previews: "Transformers? Oh yeah... they're more than meets the eye!"


Voth said...

The best line I overheard at Pirates last night was concerning Keith Richards, and what a great idea to have him in the movie. They must have saved thousands of dollars not having to put makeup on him.

Good stuff.

I liked the little stone crab things. So cute. And I want a parrot.

Cerise said...

Keith Richards totally rocked... even though I didn't realize it was him until the credits. (And you stayed through those, right?)

Daniel said...

I stayed through, and I still think they used plenty of make-up to bring Keith back from the dead. I liked the crab things too.

Voth said...

Oh yeah, the end was funny in the first two though, I was hoping for more funny. True love does not make me laugh, darn it all.

Angela said...

ugh. I did not stay through the credits. Can someone give me a spoiler?

Adrianna said...

YAY! I'm so glad to hear someone else is in love with Johnny Depp as the swaying, slurring, drunken, (perhaps even feminine?) Jack Sparrow! I LOVE the eyeliner! Mmmmm... Pirate goodness..... ;)Alas, I haven't seen 3 yet...

Dragonfly said...

Oh god, I LOVE Johnny Depp in the eyeliner and dreadlocks. It's super hot. I just saw it last night...the first one was far and away the best. But this one beat the second for sure.

Johnny Depp in makeup...yum. I recommend Edward Scissorhands for review too.