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Monday, June 18, 2007

Day off

I teach 11 classes per week, and six of those (in each of the five levels I'm teaching this term) fall on the weekend. That makes Monday a very welcome day off, especially since I don't have to do much prep for the classes I teach on Tuesday and Thursday, because I've already taught them at least once already. I try to give my feet and voice as much of a break as I can and to do some quality relaxing.

This evening I also did some grocery shopping, and it was very exciting. I bought strawberries, apricots, green grapes, red bell pepper, cilantro, corn on the cob, green beans, bananas, cucumber, plain yogurt, soy milk, bagels, bread, tortilla chips, supplies for Hello Dolly bars, supplies for taco soup, real fruit popsicles, neufchatel, Breyer's cherry vanilla ice cream (irresistible at $3!), and, most exciting, two tiny containers of fresh raspberries. They were delicious--just like candy! I hadn't had fresh raspberries, all by themselves, in at least one year and what felt like decades. I got two because the second container was free.

Actually, I just checked my receipt, to find out how much I paid for the first container, and it looks like I got both free. I do appear to have more than made up for it, however, by paying for both containers of organic strawberries, instead of getting the second one free. Ah well.

Because today our weather suddenly turned cool and wonderful, I baked a pan of the bars and made a big pot of soup after a dinner of corn on the cob and green beans (with an entire container of raspberries as an appetizer!). I feel like a human again.


april said...

yummy. you've inspired me to make taco soup! i love that it can be constructed almost entirely out of canned food from the pantry! can i get the recipe for "hello dolly" bars?

Cerise said...

Yeah, it's funny that I bought so much produce and then made soup from cans... but it's what sounded good!

I think pretty much all Hello Dolly/Seven Layer bar recipes are the same... here's a link. Careful... they rank up near Russian tea cakes in the dangerous-out-of-the-oven ratings!

Hathor said...

Come to my back yard: I have been eating raspberries directly off the bush for several days now. Yummy. They're all yours for the pickin'.