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Thursday, May 03, 2007


Tagged by Mandy...

A-Available or Single?
B-Best Friend: Several, from both high school and college.
C-Cake or Pie: My mom's pecan pie.
D-Drink of Choice: I love Dunn Bros' caramel macchiato!
E-Essential Item(s): Contact lenses. I'm an invalid without them.
F- Favourite Colour(s): Silver.
G- Gummy Bears or Worms? Worms--the sour ones!
H- Hometown: I think I probably still count Auburn; I lived there for six years and my parents stayed for another six after I left.
I- Indulgence: Sleeping in. I indulge too often.
J- January or February: I hate winter in the Midwest. This year, February was colder. Painfully so.
K- Kids: Teaching them this summer!
L- Life is incomplete without: Education.
M- Marriage Date: Bryant is my favorite wedding date--the last few were his cousin's, my sister's, and his brother's.
N- Number of Siblings: Two, a younger sister and a younger brother.
O- Oranges or Apples? "Although they are both fruit, they have infinite similarities and differences."
P- Phobias/Fears: Elevators, losing my sight, losing my mind.
Q- Favourite Quote: I like this one from Umberto Eco: "The need to fall in love. Some things you can feel coming. You don't fall in love because you fall in love; you fall in love because of the need, desperate, to fall in love. When you feel that need, you have to watch your step: like having drunk a philter, the kind that makes you fall in love with the first thing you meet. It could be a duck-billed platypus." And this one from Rainer Maria Rilke: "But those tasks that have been entrusted to us are difficult; almost everything serious is difficult; and everything is serious."
R- Reasons to smile: I have large teeth and use them to my advantage.
S- Season: Summer.
T- Tag Three: Voth, Daniel, Carissa
U- Unknown Fact about Me: I appear to be allergic to my new mascara.
V – Vegetarian or Oppressor of Animals? Vegetarian.
W- Worst Habit(s): I'd try to be original here... but procrastination and wasting time really are my worst habits.
X – X-rays or Ultrasounds?: I try not to make a habit of either...
Y- Your Favourite Foods: Recently, locally, and not cooked by me, I am loving soup from the co-op, Las Lomas tamales, the hummus and veggie sandwiches at the coffee shop, and the Bad Waitress's tofu scramble.
Z- Zodiac: Virgo.


some poems don't rhyme said...

ah yes, i love how you handled the marriage date one. clever list!

Voth said...

Available or single? Is there a huge difference? Oh well, I filled it out anyway. I love memes!

Cerise said...

Another favorite quote: "If you can't be cute, you may as well be clever." --David Sedaris

Daniel said...
This comment has been removed by the author.