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Wednesday, May 02, 2007


Here are a few of my favorite sentences from this last crop of comparison essays:

"Comparing Cezanne's and Hartley's still life paintings is like comparing apples and oranges. Although they are both fruit, they have infinite similarities and differences."

"This building [Palazzo Medici-Riccardi] exhibits linear perspective, created by Brunelleschi, whose style affected the buildings' architect, Michelozzo Di Bartolommeo."

"He has peach colored lips and a clotted chin."

"The second most defined shape would be the chair and the musical instrument with the flowing oval triangle shape, which curves very flowingly."

"Last, but not least the different but yet similar styles used in the two sculptures also show how they have similar ideas of the human figure and that it looks like."

"This modern artwork is comparable to Rembrandt's for they are both self portraits made from oil on canvas."

"Also an oil painting, "Modern Bohemia"'s size (65 1/8 x 49 1/4in) plays a part in being able to create awareness of the paintings features such as vibrant colors and a distinct separation of foreground, middle, and background. The similarities of social context and overall content outweight the initial viewed differences of the two pieces."

"Truth and ugly portray realism in the painting."

"The malformation of color creates feeling for the piece. In Manet's "Olympia" despite the presence of the servant, it is as though the servant does not exist in the painting."

"A space can be defined by using sculpture to depict what a person will encounter upon traveling through an entranceway."

"It seems only fitting that such an image be placed in front of the home belonging to a group that learn the trade of producing substances which are purely the result of what material those substances are composed of."

"In my comparison of The Large Blue Horses (Minneapolis Institute of Arts) by Franz Marc and Michelangelo Merisi Da Caravaggio's Conversion of Saint Paul (fig. 24-18), both paintings have been their own religious meaning while being painted on the same medium; however, they contrast with different stories and linear style."


Carissa J said...

oh dear.

Daniel said...

How long are these essays? Because I'm sure I've written similarly, yet different sentences, in my own essays comparing different works of art, books, which like many paintings have motifs.

Cerise said...

They were supposed to be three-page essays, ideally (though in actuality, rarely) with interesting theses that went beyond a simple cataloging of similarities and differences.

And your sentences may have been similarly yet different, but I'm sure they at least flowed very flowingly!

Dragonfly said...

These are brilliant. I already added some to my list of all-time worst student quotes. I think I put mine on my blog at some point in the past.

My favorite (still): The Jews were Hitler's escape goat.