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Saturday, April 28, 2007

Signs of spring in Uptown

1. Tattoos become ubiquitous as people show more skin.

2. My favorite Dunn Bros is colder inside than outside.

3. Hipster yard sale. Who knew?


Voth said...

Yay! Ink!

I love the hipster sales, good books and funky wall art. I need to go to a town where there are real hipsters, I miss them.

Cerise said...

Come to Minneapolis! Come to Minneapolis!

And... wait... are you "inked"? Wasn't there some discussion of that?

Voth said...

As soon as I get a better job, I'll come visit. I love Minneapolis. St. Paul is nice too.

Yeah, I'm inked. But my mother doesn't know, and it is staying that way for as long as she lives. I think she'd kill me.