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Sunday, October 01, 2006

Run hard, kick fast!

"You don't look very natural out there." --Bryant, on yesterday's soccer game

So yesterday was the Decepticons' second game (it's true; the one false statement in my last post was that I'd finished all my reading), and although Bryant aptly stated the completely obvious, this time I actually got a few kicks in and felt better about the whole deal. I was much more comfortable playing in the midfield during the second half; they had me as center forward early on. Honestly, do I look like a forward? This is not a difficult question. I look like a humanities nerd who should be at home reading, not scoring goals. My single best strategic move was removing myself in the last minutes of the game, pointing to my replacement, and saying, "Score a goal!" She did, and we won.

I will say that it was really a lot of fun running around in the sunshine, and that I'm getting to know some cool people. And even though I'm not running the Twin Cities Marathon today, I think that the six miles I'm biking daily might actually be going to my legs! (If only it would enable me to make a bicycle kick...)

1 comment:

Jeff said...

So you're already a winning coach!