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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

"Into the blue again..."

In the interest of avoiding reading for tomorrow afternoon's seminar, and selecting a research topic (/preparing a preliminary bibliography) for the same, I have:

  • Googled fruitlessly for inspiration
  • Caught up on my Homestarrunner
  • Paid my gas bill
  • Paid my electric bill
  • Cancelled a bank account in Ohio
  • Written a postcard to Information Services, where I worked this summer
  • Written a postcard to stop mail from where I taught last semester
  • Written a postcard to stop junkmail from the direct marketing association
  • Signed up online to stop junkmail from ADVO
  • Blogged

  • Seriously, how do people keep up on these things? And how would I ever get them done... if not for other deadlines?


    angela said...

    good grief. i do not know how people keep up with anything these days. if i didn't have other people paying my major bills here in korea, i cannot imagine the state i'd be in. lately, i can't even keep up with doing laundry.

    but i HAVE been catching up on my "this american life"s lately.

    Jeff said...

    I'm glad to hear that both of you have your priorities prioritized perfectly.