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Saturday, May 27, 2006

Just desert

I have seen a few more desert creatures in the past few days. The Spycam, though it often produces a nice spinning effect, isn't exactly the best for documentation, and adds to the challenge of finding the desert-dwellers in the following photos. With a little imagination, I think you can see all of them; answers are at the bottom.

1. My par- ents' porch.

2. This, as were the rest of the pho- tos, was taken at An- dreas Can- yon, one of the Indian Canyons near Palm Springs. Bryant and I tagged along on a field trip for home-schoolers.



1. A small lizard. He's up against the side of the house, under that ledge.
2. Another lizard, which is not being eaten by the (unseen) nearby black and white king snake.
3. Red diamond rattlesnake.
4. Spiny rock lizard. Just above the white blotch. Yeah.
5. Bryant! He's an invasive species, but looks almost like a native.


Ellen said...

i didn't know bryant wanted to stay in southern california and reproduce like crazy...

(should i post this, should i not, should i post this, yes.)

Cerise said...

Don't worry; as far as I'm aware, he has plans neither to stay nor to reproduce.