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Saturday, November 12, 2005

"Sky falls, you feel like..."

So the Philips isn't quite the camera the CardCam was, but I think it will prove useful--or at least interesting --nonethe- less. It has a habit of capturing images I don't even remember shooting, and I still haven't figured out how the one above happened (although I do like the unexpected effect--delayed shutter?).

Today is gorgeous. It's not spinning, as these particular photos might suggest, but is stunningly sunny and warm and delightful even so. If I crank the oven up and bake cookies, I should even be able to open the windows a little.

Last night was a classic example of why this blog is so named, and would have been a disaster of epic proportions had I been having people over or been forced to stick to a certain entrée. As it was, I was the only witness to the destruction, was able to recover most of my losses, and suffered only spasms of giggles at my own expense. Let's just say that I tried to make homemade paneer for the first time, and ended up with radiatore pasta with alfredo sauce, steamed broccoli, and toasted pinenuts. I'll draw the fabled veil of charity over the scene, and leave to your speculation, dear readers, the cheesy machinations and equipment failures that led to the menu shift in question... it's an image best left to the imagination.


bryant said...

Those pictures are very Lomo.

Scott said...

What is the maximum resolution on that thing? 640x480? They almost look like cell phone pictures.

What amazes me about the production of your meal is that you went to all the trouble of the paneer first and then the pasta and alfredo sauce when there was no one else around to enjoy it. I mean, I might expirement on things just for myself, but if it goes south, a sandwich or bowl of cereal is the best I'll do to make up for it. I respect your stamina.

Cerise said...

I think that what's on the blog is its maximum resolution (352 x 288?); I've seen cell phones do better!

And thanks for the "stamina" comment. I am supposed to be writing a thesis, after all, so whatever distraction I can get...

Catherine said...

Oh no! A paneer disaster! I hope my directions aren't to blame...but the silver lining is the yum-sounding pasta you ended up with, so at least you get points for creativity (and, as pointed out, stamina!)

s. ellis said...

I do love Saag Paneer and Aloo Matar Paneer--but can't say I've attempted tha Paneer part. Pretty corageous of you.

It's the Fisher-price feeling of cell phone photography that I most enjoy. That and all the grandparents in church holding up their cell phones during the cradle roll specials. They are held differently than cameras see. Like waving a lighter at a Greatful Dead concert--and click, there's the proof--something that looks suspiciously like The Scream.

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