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Saturday, April 08, 2006

I've got nine thousand friends...

I loathe myspace! Can anyone explain to me why something that makes me feel so bad can be so addictive? And aside from the mind-numbing absorbingness of it--the fact that once I open it, I'm guaranteed to spend way more time than is remotely healthy--why does it leave me feeling so disgusted? I use Firefox,* so I don't even see the ads, which I've heard can be pretty ugly.

I know a great deal of people, and am fond of the vast majority of them. But myspace never leaves me feeling better about myself or my friends. I'd go cold turkey... except that I keep getting add requests.

* And so should you.


Angela said...

yes, i understand. i feel like myspace let's me get into other people's spaces a little too easily. but i love my friends who are on there, so i can't leave. being in korea, i sometimes get requests from soldiers to be friends. i check their site and if they're married i send them a message to call or chat with their wife and children instead of looking for people here. i've enjoyed that.

Ellen said...

i'm obsessed with someone i don't like's nose job...i've had dreams about it all because of myspace.