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Thursday, January 26, 2006

Psychosomatic addict insane

"How was California?" he asked. He got his MFA in San Diego.
"Fabulous," I said. "Warm and sunny."

"I couldn't get out of bed one morning earlier this week," he said.
"I know the feeling," I said.
"It physically hurt."
"Oh, it's painful."
"I just had to lie there. It bothered me all day because I thought something might be really wrong with me. It had never happened to me before."
"That's pretty much the story of my life all winter."
"I thought it might be the symptom of some terrible disease."

So then I told him that in December, before I left for the west coast, I'd thought I might be losing my mind... or have said terrible disease. My muscles were twitchy, I was having some vision weirdness, and my memory seemed to be going.

But the only reason I even remembered all of this was that I discovered it in an e-mail I'd written at the end of last semester. As soon as I hit vacation, all symptoms vanished, which I find immensely comforting.

Apparently I'm just violently allergic to winter--and/or Ohio.


strovska said...

hmm. you're allergic to winter and living in ohio--i'm allergic to summer and living in texas. somehow that doesn't seem right....

Nancy said...

Just last night Dad described some physical symptoms related to living in this too beautiful, too perfect climate. He gets weak in the knees and fluttery in his stomach. He's also been observed doing random happy dances and is regularly heard singing and whistling. What is your diagnosis?

Daniel said...


Daniel said...


Ellen said...

i can't complain about the winter we've had so far here. today was t-shirt weather.

antimatt said...

moderation: +1, prodigy reference.

Ted said...

Bah! Here I am about to post about the Prodigy reference and Matt has already beaten me to the punch.