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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Pretty much the best cucumber sandwich ever


  • BrownBerry Natural Health Nut bagel, split
  • Philadelphia Neufchatel cheese (I really don't care that it has less fat; it's easier to spread than cream cheese)
  • Sliced English cucumber (long and narrow, with less seeds)
  • McCormick Vegetable Supreme seasoning

  • Seasoning tops the cucumber tops the cheese tops the bagel.

    Fiber: ~6 grams
    Calories: ~300
    Getting to eat lunch after four hours in the ARC dungeon: priceless


    Daniel said...

    Have you ever seen or used Armenian cucumbers? They look wrinkly and don't really need peeling. I like them and they make a fine cucumber sandwich too.

    Nancy said...

    It's 6:15 PST and even at this early hour, your cuke sandwich sounds yummy.

    Ellen said...

    i don't like to mess around with any fancy seasonings...i go straight for the MSG. YUM!