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Wednesday, January 18, 2006


The previous post had pictures of San Diego; here's the second stop on the itinerary, Tucson.
Dad and I drove clear to Gila Bend Thursday night (the last stop on I-8 before a long stretch of desert), and stayed here at the El Coronado Motel. A two bed room, with taxes, was FORTY DOLLARS. Forty dollars!
We left early and got to see the sun come up over saguaro cacti. It was pretty impressive.

I'm not sure whether UA's campus was actually all that beautiful, or if it was the overwhelming blueness of so much sky. Either way, my impression was most favorable.

All seven applications are in. And I'm with Tom Petty: the waiting is the hardest part.


Nancy said...

It's kinda good news that you haven't heard from some of the December deadline schools, isn't it?

Carissa J said...

Oh, wow. Seven applications. You are amazing. I say you should celebrate just for completing seven applications. I sure would. :)