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Thursday, January 19, 2006

Back in Ohio

The Good:
* My tuition grant went through! I now owe just $77 in fees-- instead of $77 in fees and $800 in out-of- state graduate tuition.
* The sun came out today and reflected off of yesterday's snow.
* I "ran" this "morning." (Jogged a mile at around noon.)
* I got a reprieve and didn't have to work any mornings this week at the cataloging job.
* I rode my bike today for the first time in over a month, and it felt great.

The Bad:
* I feel uninspired and disinclined to eat.
* I'm having trouble falling asleep at night and trouble waking in the morning.
* It's cold
* I miss California.
* My neighbor has been parking his bike in my spot again... but my bike has been in my apartment for the past month, so I'm not sure what to do about it.


Minka said...

Hi there. It is cold here too :) I don´t even think of riding my bike-valueable body parts could freeze off...but tomorrow is a new day and the sun might shine :) It is 2:50 in the morning here, I am supposed to be at work around 8. I JUST CAN´T FALL ASLEEP! Hencce I am blogging...

Cerise said...

Thanks for putting things in perspective, Monika--if I lived in Reykjavik, I'd only have a 5 hour, 52 minute day! (Thanks,

Adrianna said...

Just a guess, but are you a victim of SAD? I've heard that phototherapy can help. But they say an hour walk in winter sunlight is more effective than 2 1/2 hours phototherapy.

Cerise said...

Yes, I believe so. My dad was actually going to give me his lightbox last winter, but then it was stolen out of his car. Walks in winter sunlight are nice when there is winter sunlight to be had!

lee said...

I just read four of five of your pieces, and wish I knew how to go a bit further back, so much did I enjoy them (in fact that was what I was attempting when I ended up here).

"Tout a l'air bon . . ."--is my French phrase for the 12th of January--they all look so good.

I am predictably astonished at the quality, the winsomeness of your writing.

Or is it of your thinking, and being INSIDE the writing?

Or am I irretrievably biased? (I'm your dad.)