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Sunday, December 04, 2005

Road to nowhere

This is Ellen and me in Min- neapolis. It was fright- eningly cold. We had also arrived, due to fairly hideous winter driving conditions, at 6 a.m. that morning after driving all night, and had had approximately three hours' sleep before my first appointment. We left the next day, after said appoint- ment, Indian food at a place rumored to be a front for some sketchy operations (our waiter took this shot of Ellen), checking out downtown Minneapolis, several lovely hours at the Walker, and meetings/lunch with grad students from our respective departments--as well as a brief trip to Wisconsin when we got on east, rather than west, I-94 Friday morning.

We got back to Davenport about midnight Friday, and the next day went to church and had a fabulous ("Misty Stewart," Ellen called it) dinner at their house with friends and visitors from church. I left at 4:30 (reluctantly, but necessarily--so many projects call...), as it was beginning to snow--the first of another storm supposed to be moving in from the west. I more or less drove out of it as soon as I hit I-74, and had only light snow through Chicago. But by the time I hit Gary, I had apparently driven into another storm, and had to pretty much crawl the rest of the way home. I got in at 2:45 this morning, after over 9 hours on the road.

I am so glad to be (a) going to California for Christmas and (b) flying there.


Ellen said...

i left davenport at in at 4:45. that included sitting on the highway near iowa city because of a wreck and stopping to get gas. the time might just be a record.

Nancy said...

Ellen looks so happy in that first picture!

Dragonfly said...

i love that photo of you and ellen. it's so classic...ellen looks more suspicious than i've ever seen her. and i was her big sister. she had plenty of reasons to be suspicious of me.

Dragonfly said...

i just had to leave another comment to let you know that the secret word verification this time is: ffusyba!

Ffusyba to all!