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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

"Lovin' would be easy if your colors were like my dream..."

There's nothing like being able to scoop exquisitely crafted, vibrantly colored, mini- miracles off the STREET --for free!--to make one thankful to be alive, even, and on days like this, especially, when one lives in Ohio. The sun is shining, and I have all my windows open, if, I confess, the space heater on at my feet.

A lot of the first electric red leaves have come down, and the yellows that are left are somewhat less inspiring, but even they shimmer impressively when the breeze blows.

That is, not all the leaves are brown. The sky is not yet gray. I'm safe and warm right here in Ohio.

As I've said before, S.A.D. isn't so bad when the sun shines.


bryant said...

Is the Mr. Cardcam working again?

Cerise said...

Oh, no--these were with the DV. Sniff. Poor Mr. CardCam.