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Friday, November 04, 2005

I'm not being paid to say this, but...

I think I may just have discovered the best dishwashing soap in the world.

Several months ago, I switched to organic shampoo because I read that sodium lauryl/laureth sulfate is a well-known irritant/toxin that may contribute to acne. I stopped using shampoos containing it, and noticed a marked difference in my breakouts--no more cysts! I've been in the process of making the transition in hand soaps since then.

Today I went to Squeaker's to look for both hand soap and dish soap that were toxin-free, and that's where I found Ultra Dishmate by Earth Friendly Products. It was available in grapefruit and almond, too, but the pear caught my eye, although I was disappointed not to detect any scent when I sniffed it in the store. It's crystal clear and contains just water, coconut oil derived surfactants (no SLS or Cocamide DEA), salt and pear oil. At $4.59 for 25 ounces, it's pricier than commercial soaps but cheaper than comparable organic products.

I tried it out on a dishwashing heavyweight: a plastic container that had held spicy, tomato-based Indian leftovers. The Dishmate cleaned, degreased, and deoderized the dish even better than a traditional dishwashing liquid. But the best part is that it smelled fabulous while doing so. The reason I hadn't smelled it in the store is that it had been sealed (duh). The pear oil, though, adds a surprisingly strong scent that remained ever-so-delicately on my hands even after I had finished.

I am seriously considering using this for bubble bath. No joke. I'm absolutely smitten.

You don't have to believe me if you don't want to. But you should definitely try it out first (and I see that their website offers it for even less than I paid: no excuses!).


ashley said...

Following my reading of your post about this dish soap, I immediately followed the link and bought my own bottle of this Pear Wonder. The price was reasonable for its genre ($3.25), however the shipping was very disappointing, $7? So the final total of $10.25 was more than I'll spend on one bottle again. However, I wonder how much a larger bottle would cost? Or the sampler? I wonder if this product is carried anywhere in Lincoln...

Cerise said...

Ashley! Ashley B?? Wow! I'm sure the Dishmate won't let you down--although, yeah, that shipping cost is a little ridiculous. I bet, though, that if Open Harvest doesn't carry it already, it could be persuaded to do so.

ashley said...

I was oh-so excited to open by package of soap when it arrived (and they even cushioned it with crumpled newspapers which earns major points in my corner of the world) however, it isn't sudsing as much as I'd like. I know, I know, it doesn't mean my dishes aren't getting clean but I do miss those suds. I am raptured by the pear scent however. How are you enjoying your bottle?