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Saturday, October 08, 2005

"Summer has come and passed..."

My friend Dusty made fun of me last night because I showed up at the artist's lecture wearing a big coat, scarf, and gloves. The coat is corduroy on the outside, but sort of sheep-y on the inside, and long, so it does look a bit excessive for the first week of October (or any time, really; some of you remember this coat).

"You're ready for winter!" he said. I hate winter, and would deny it as long as possible, but also hate being cold (and it's colder on a bike!): hence the sheep coat and layers. Dusty's theory is to stay light as long as possible, to get acclimated to the cold. Otherwise, he says, when it gets really cold, it's even worse.

It's gray again today and even though it hit 82 on Wednesday, I feel (irrationally, of course) like it may be gray and cold for the rest of my life. Bryant likes this, as he feels it will further motivate me to move to California. It may.

Aaron and me switching coats at the Mill, circa 2003


bryant said...

I hope and pray
for clouds and grey
for ceri's day
so far away

Cerise said...

But I'm nicer when it's sunny!

bryant said...

Ok, I really hope that it's sunny for you.

nancy said...

I think that sunny southern california would be a perfect place for you to write your thesis.

Angela said...

i miss aaron. it's good to see a picture of him.