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Thursday, October 13, 2005

Skating on thin ice

It is one thing, dear neighbors, to turn the bass on your stereo so high that my floor vibrates.

It is one thing to play said stereo until 1 or 2 in the morning.

It is one thing to smoke directly outside my window; get drunk on the weekends, shout because you can't understand what the other people are saying, and laugh when you bump into furniture and walls; invite friends over who double-park behind residents' spaces; and do all while the stereo thumps away. (Okay, I guess that's at least four things.)

But if you ever park your bike in my spot again--the place where I have parked it consistently for the last 400 days or so of my tenure here--you will feel my wrath! It will be passive aggressive and ugly! I will soak your fancy (absorbent) bike seat, let the air out of your tires, vaseline your handlebars, or take your wheels off. You will consider it a small tax for my silence to management, and you will NEVER PARK THERE AGAIN.

I'm not a vindictive person, but I have my limits! In reality if this happens again, I may just leave a post-it... but I wouldn't try it. You just never know.


Ellen said...

i have never heard you be so vidictive. i think it's a major life step for you.

bryant said...

I was a little surprised too.

Go for it Ceri.

nancy said...

This is yet another indication that you need to get out here to sunny California where you can reassume your laid back persona.

Scott said...

I resonate with your post. Last Saturday night, and just about every other Saturday night it seems, our upstairs neighbors have a party--drinking, noisemaking, smoking outside our window, the whole drill. Then they leave broken bottles on the stoop.

They've started inviting us. I almost want to go just to be a buzzkill.

What I am saying is, in a way, you go girl. Do it for all of us suffering from neighbors who don't understand the difference between public and private space.