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Friday, September 02, 2005

"Into this world we're born..."

Do you remember how when the World Trade Centers were attacked, the question on everyone's mind was how the government's reaction might have differed had the Democrats been in the White House? And how some of those vocal people were so relieved to have such a "Strong Leader" in the presidency?

Well, I hope that now, in the aftermath of Katrina, those people are asking themselves that same question--how things might have been different with a Democrat in the White House. I hope they're asking how things might have been without so many troops overseas fighting our "Strong Leader"'s war. And I hope some of them say something.


Angela said...

i hope so, too. these disasters boggle my mind.

also, ceri, i'm ready to come out of the blogging closet. i've finally achieved access in korea.

Cerise said...

Wooo-hooo! Does that mean I get to link to you?

Ellen said...

under the "amy barber" label in your links? or is that really for the former amy barber?

Cerise said...

I'd add a new link for Angela... I disabled Amy's because I realized her blog showed all her personal contact info and I didn't know if she wanted that in cyberspace.