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Wednesday, September 07, 2005


It must be test season.

I finished The Kite Runner (BG's Community Reads book) on Saturday, after borrowing it from the library on Friday, because I needed something to read after finishing Sons and Lovers last week.

I had already checked out Thomas Pynchon's Slow Learner and read several of the stories, but apparently wasn't feeling sufficient distraction from the studying I really needed to be doing for my upcoming comprehensive exams.

Said exams are on the 15th and 16th of this month and involve image ID (~700 eligible) and three two-hour essays. Please pray hard.

A further distraction is that Bryant is in town! He'll be here to help me celebrate the end of the exams, which I will DOMINATE... if I can stop reading these silly books.


Nancy said...

I love your blog. Instead of reading so much, you need to do a daily blog post! You have time for that right?

nelle namtrah said...

you need to waste time writing e mails too.

Ben said...

So, if I may ask, how was The Kite Runner? My roommate bought it for me last year as a Christmas present. And it's been sitting on my shelf gathering dust ever since. Is it worth my time?

Cerise said...

Hi, Ben!

The Kite Runner is a good, quick read--a well-told, intelligently-written story that opens a window onto another world (past and present Afghanistan) while exploring themes of betrayal and redemption. It's neither staggeringly deep nor fluff--overall, I'd recommend it as an enjoyable, and at times moving, weekend read.