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Monday, September 19, 2005

"Art?" "History! It's reputable!"

I celebrated being done with my exams ALL WEEKEND.

Friday night Bryant and I went to Sylvania for Japanese food with Michelle and Matt. Saturday we made a huge breakfast, read magazines at the public library, put in an appearance at the art grad barbecue/mixer, made a lovely dinner, and then ate ice cream while watching a video.

Sunday we rode the Slippery Elm trail 15 miles to North Baltimore, where we got "arctic blasts" at the Daily Queen, a walk-up ice cream place remarkably reminiscent of Zesto.

A fellow biker, a fifth grader, wandered over in a (futile) attempt to avoid the bees besieging him. When I told him we had biked the whole way from BG just for ice cream, his jaw dropped. "What about the Dairy Queen??"

We wrapped up the weekend with a $2 showing of "Mr. & Mrs. Smith," which I really enjoyed. The theme is improbable, but clever, and it's not difficult to watch beautiful people, especially when they actually can act, like Brad and Angelina.


Ellen said...

you guys need to see "me, you, and everyone we know."

so good.

Cerise said...

I watched the preview... is it at the Ross right now? Why the recommendation?

Ellen said...

it was at the ross. i saw it and it was cute and sweet and really, i walk a fine line between normalicy and being very much like the lead character...

Dragonfly said...

i liked mr and mrs smith too. i thought the sequence with the car chase in the minivan was especially nice. i've always thought brad pitt was a better comic actor than anything, but angelina tends to get on my nerves.