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Thursday, August 04, 2005

If you can't be cute...

My back has begun to peel--but only in patches. It itches in the part of my back that I, as you may have guessed, cannot easily reach.

This picture reminds me (a sure sign of too much art history) of the Libyan sibyl. If I did less of the studying, and more of the working out, perhaps the resemblance would be stronger.

Today I finished "Cry, the Beloved Country."

I also finished the Wednesday NYT crossword, but not perfectly. Two squares, both t's, were incorrect. I did wonder about "tilv at" for the clue "struggle with"... some Scandinavian slang, perhaps?

And finally, I have a dinner party to attend tomorrow night. Invitations by e-mail, fondue theme, beginning at 8, possibility of a band to follow downtown. Outfit suggestions? (The towel, though it does show my fascinatingly particolored back, is definitely out.)


bryant said...

Well, I think you are a cutie. I tried to add a picture but it wouldn't let me.

Cerise said...

Okay, seriously. What do I WEAR??

bryant said...

Well, if you are set against the towel. Lets see, fondue, email invite, and band in sleasy bar afterward. Yeah, that's a tough call.