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Friday, August 05, 2005

"Get on your bikes and ride!"

I estimate I must have ridden my bike between my apartment and the art building around 700 times in the 50 weeks I've lived here. But today, for the first time, someone asked me for directions to a campus location.

This is completely unremarkable, except that today, also for the first time on that trip, I was wearing a skirt.

Riding in a skirt is a recent discovery for me, and except for slight awkwardness getting on and off, it's pretty close to riding in anything else--unless you have to stop.

I slowed down as much as I could for the three lost boys, shouted in response to their query , "Olscamp's the one with the silver statue in front, that way!" as I pointed and teetered, and then picked up speed again before I had to lose all illusion of gracefulness and tip over.


Bryant said...

Nice chainring tatto you've got there.

amy said...

i've seen people in movies ride bikes (and motorcycles) in skirts and it seems like no big deal--at least if the skirt is the right length and fit for movement--but as for me, i can't do it. lots of times i would like to wear a skirt to church when we take the motorcycle, but i just can't visualize myself getting a leg up on the back gracefully, or pulling up to CVC and getting off. *sigh* dress slacks it is.

Cerise said...

I didn't mention that later today when I pulled up to the library and tried to stop, I sort of tipped over and fell onto the trashcan.

I haven't mastered the dismount.