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Friday, August 19, 2005

If I were as tedious as a king...

Five things were stressing me out:

1. Thesis
2. Comps
3. Lourdes class
4. Italian exam
5. Tuition waiver

But as of today, it looks like I'll have another semester to finish my thesis, three more weeks to study for comps, and maybe even the tuition waiver before I'm dropped from my classes for not paying my bursar bill! I'm also feeling optimistic about the Lourdes class and my Italian exam.

Might it be because my mom sent me a balloon bouquet today, just to cheer me up? It certainly might. Thanks, Mom!


Ellen said...

i can see a reflection of your face, and i think your smile is as big as the one balloon.

Ellen said...

the last phrase should read: is as big as the one on the balloon.

Spinning Girl said...

Yet another sign that life is good.