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Thursday, August 18, 2005

The boys next door

Tonight was hot and I needed to get out of my apartment. As I came down the stairs, I heard what sounded like a hopping party just outside my door. When I stepped outside, I discovered it was just my three new neighbor boys, parked in plastic chairs on our communal porch, cans in hand and laughing as the stereo inside thumped away.

I must have had my bitch-face on, because the first thing they said was, "Are we being too loud down here?" Then they introduced themselves, shaking hands from their chairs: Caleb, Nick, and Josh (who I met yesterday). I said it wasn't bad--that the bass wasn't thumping as much as it had been. "Oh, yeah, we just turned that way down!" Nick said.

"I'm a grad student," I explained, "so I'm really nerdy."

They assured me that it was fine and that I should come down if they were ever too loud.

They're rather young boys, and I'm sure they'll be too loud. But I think they're friendly and have good hearts. Now, if we can all just fit into the parking lot...

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bryant said...

Until I am enlightened,
I go for refuge to the Coffee Shop.
Through the virtue I create by practising giving and the other perfections,
may I become a coffee drinker to benefit all sentient beings.