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Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Fancy pants

Yes, those are dry-clean only pants. Yes, I washed them in my bathtub, and yes, they are drying on my porch.

The black pair is a wool blend, and the gray is a shiny stretchy cotton blend, and I thought they turned out considerably better than the last times I had them professionally cleaned. Since I'm both cheap and picky, I think this definitely the way to go.

When I was in Italy, I washed all of my clothes by hand for six months. From socks to jeans, they would be sudsed and rinsed in the sink and then air dried, often on the roof of the 600-year-old dorm. Then I'd generally have to iron everything to soften them up again.

My motivation for this fell under the "cheap" rather than the "picky" category. I had no measurable source of income, and lacked sufficient clothing to use the school's free laundry service, with its two-week turnover time, for more than sheets and towels.

These days, I can generally find quarters for the laundromat washers and dryers, and I rarely iron anything. But if comes down to paying $5+ per item for dry "cleaning"... it's handwashing all the way.

ALSO, I cancelled my landline phone. Those of you who had that number, you know who you are--please just use my cell now.


bryant said...

Also, an environmentally superior decision. I didn't know it was $5 per item to dry clean. My strategy is to try not to own cloths that require special care. Although, I did have a pair of capilene sock the came out of the dry as a pair of marbles.

Spinning Girl said...

I think dry-cleaning is a giant racket. Try the do-it-youself sheets that go in the dryer for your extra-delicate stuff.

Cerise said...

Bryant, you have performance SOCKS, too?!

Yeah, the Dryel sheets are pretty good for getting smells out and generally freshening things... if you have a dryer.

bryant said...

Had socks.

I wish I could edit comments because I clearly need to be able to. "socks that .....dryer..."

Nancy said...

What a relief that your slacks came out okay. I've had my share of ruining your clothes by not laundering them properly!