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Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Sometimes, I come up with ideas for my survey class that I'm pretty proud of. I like the project where I have the students team up and design a logo for an assigned period we've studied. I like the ones where they research an assigned topic and then give a creative presentation to the class. I like playing Jeopardy! with review questions (although this works much better with a smaller class than with 60!).

But today, I struck what may be pedagogical gold: instead of showing a 30-minute supplemental video in class,  I let them go early and made watching the video on their own time (it's on YouTube) optional for extra credit. Granted, the ones who want the points will be e-mailing me their responses, so it's a bit more work for me. But I got to leave almost an hour earlier than usual! And since I have such a long drive home, I may have been even happier about it than my students were (and they were plenty happy).

On my drive home, the moon was huge and pumpkin-colored, with dark wisps of cloud fluttering across it in a way that made it look quintessentially Halloweenesque. Growing up in the Northwest, I remember being baffled by descriptions of the moon as red or even orange; the most I ever saw it was yellowish, or maybe slightly peachy. But in the Midwest, we definitely have that full-on harvest moon thing going. What about you Northwesters? Do you ever see the moon as orange or red, or am I just imagining a geographically paler moon from my youth?


Teri said...

I've seen a spectacular red/orange colored moon this fall. We also get some amazing sunsets here. Could it be because we're farther away from the coast???

CëRïSë said...

Yes! Maybe it's because your area is more agricultural than the wet side of the mountains? I've wondered if it has something to do with harvest... dust.

Teri said...

Yes, the dust. We have plenty of that!